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Getting to Know Onnbaby

Onn, also known as OnnBaby is a young woman who has come to develop a passion for all things beauty and fashion. She absolutely adores her gorgeous Scottish Fold, Paris, and indulges herself in fine dining on a daily basis. Onn attended the all girls school, Wattana Wittaya Academy (Bangkok) in her younger years and continued her studies throughout the years of high school on the outskirts of Sydney along the coast of Australia.

Onn then returned to Bangkok to continue her studies, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Language and Culture at Chulalongkorn University’s international program, one in few of Thailand’s highest-ranking universities. Along the course of her studies Onn entered the blogging industry, creating captivating online content ranging all the way from beauty topics to food & fashion. From thereon out she has become a well-respected social media influencer and had the opportunity to collaborate with multiple premium both local and international brands.

Given her love for Beauty and her success as one of Thailand’s leading beauty bloggers, after having attained her bachelor’s degree, Onn become CEO of her own business under the name of “Flawless Me Thailand”. In efforts to grow her business to it’s biggest potential, she applied to study Marketing at the University of California in Los Angeles. During her studies in the United States she managed to continuously grow her business and eventually returned to Bangkok to oversee operations first hand.

But not yet satisfied with her already impressive resumer, Onn soon joint venture with “NessyChoice” one of the leading, most well known false eyelash supplier in Thailand, starting her own line of mink false eyelashes under the title “OnnbabyLashes”.

Currently Onn continues to tend to her beauty related businesses and shares her experiences and thoughts through her blog and v-logs of beauty and lifestyle content pleasing her wide range of followers and fans.

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